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By Chabad Glen Eira - 27 November 2019

Aboriginal culture is embedded in our program, however during NAIDOC week we spent much time expanding our aboriginal culture knowledge through a variety of activities. This was to help the children recognise, connect with and understand their wider community.

We have been learning about the Aboriginal flag (the colours red, yellow and black), culture, music, food, native instruments, rock drawings, stories and traditions.

We have created our very own rain sticks dotting different colour paints on them. We also painted stones with red, yellow and black. The children also drew their own flags. In our sensory box we had red rice symbolising the red sand of Australia. We even cooked our own damper!

Keeping in the spirit, we also had an amazing music session where we were all given the opportunity to listen to and even play the didgeridoo!

We have also added to our room some new dolls – a Chinese lady and aboriginal man and woman. The children have named them Pippa, Pepper and Duncan! We have been discussing the different colours of our skin, eyes and hair to learn and become aware of the world that surrounds us.





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