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Parenting Speakers

We regularly bring in parenting speakers to help educate and inspire our amazing group of parents (and other parents too!)

By Chabad Glen Eira - 26 November 2021


Some of our regular parenting experts:

Anthony Semann is an internationally renowned educational guru, speaker and researcher. His ability to deliver inspirational conference key notes and facilitate innovative and transformative professional development programs is renowned. Anthony has worked across Australia, Asia, Europe, America, France and New Zealand. He has delivered hundreds of key notes and papers at conferences and over 15,000 professional development programs over the last 20 years.

Ariella Lew is a Paedeatric Nurse: Founder and Director of Kids on Track – focused on empowering parents who are struggling with their children’s behaviour, allowing them to regain normalcy and control of their lives.

Lauren Gingold is an Occupatoinal Therapist: With many years experience, she provides high quality support and evidence based therapy predominantly for families with babies and young children.

Nicole Kluger is a Nurse, Midwife, Maternal and child health nurse, Mother of 3 and short term foster carer for babies. She has worked as a Maternal and
Child health Nurse for 12 years and prior to this as a sleep and settling consultant for babies and toddlers.

Bev Kadish is a paediatric occupational therapist with over 25 years experience, who has worked across a variety of settings and currently works in private practice. She is trained in Neurodevelopmental Therapy and has extensive experience working with developmentally delayed children.  She is also trained in Sensory Integration therapy and has a special interest in sensory processing disorders.  She is passionate about working as part of a team with children and their families to manage challenges in their daily lives and to help each child reach their full potential. Over the last few years, she has guided and helped many families on their toilet training journeys as part of helping children to achieve independence.



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