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Rosh Hashana @ Creche!

Here are some of the different activities that we have done in the lead up to Rosh Hashanah over the years!

By Chabad Glen Eira - 30 September 2021

Rosh Hashana – our New Year – is a time of celebration and reflection on the year we’ve had. We love to look back and see how far we’ve come, and all the things we have learnt. Our creche children have grown and learnt so much and its amazing to watch them flourish!

Learning in Creche:

We get busy learning many songs and stories as well as lots of extra activities on the topics of apples, honey (and bees!), shofar, pomegranates and more!







Shofar Factory visit:

The children are able to really gets hands on with the shofars and all the tools used to make them!








Postman Visit:

We often use this time of year to schedule a visit from a postman from Australia Post come to visit. The children get so excited for the opportunity to explore the postman’s bike (including pressing the ‘horn’!!) as well as sending Rosh Hashanah letters to their parents.






Hatzolah Visit:

We often use this time of year to schedule a visit from Leon Landau from Hatzolah Melbourne . The kids love to try out all the equipment and receive ‘treatment’.








Rosh Hashana Community Carnival:

We have so many exciting activities at the carnival – including large jumping castle, bee hive presentation, Apple counting and throw in the basket competition, bee hive & honey presentation, round challa platting, Shofar factory, catching gold goldfish for Tashlich and a whoppa ballon twister and magic show! The kids had a great time!



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