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To send to childcare or not to send…? Some interesting facts!

By Chabad Glen Eira - 27 November 2019

Still deciding if you should send your little one to childcare? Feeling guilty that your not being the ‘best mum or dad’?

Take heart parents, because there is a plethora of studies showing many surprising benefits of sending your children to creche!

1. Childcare makes kids better behaved! A study surveying almost 1500 parents concluded that kids who attend “high-quality, center-based childcare” for over a year display better behaviours, fewer peer-related difficulties and better social skills than those who don’t.

2. Childcare makes kids smarter and prepares them for school! A study found that children who attended formal childcare programs had much stronger reading and math skills by age 5 relative to those that attended informal, home-based childcare. Another study of over 3,000 kids, confirms that children in high-quality daycare had better language and cognitive development during the first 4.5 years of life and the benefits remain at least through the age of 15.

3. Childcare makes kids more likely to get college degrees! A 30-year study found that infants enrolled in a high-quality childcare program were four times more likely to have earned a college degree.

4. Childcare makes kids more likely to stay employed! A study on 30 year old’s found that daycare makes kids more likely to hold down a job as adults.

5. Childcare makes kids more efficient communicators! A study on the neural mechanisms that support verbal and non-verbal communication discovered that the more days children spent in daycare, the better they were able to adjust their communication style to others – a key for effective communication.

These are all backed by thorough scientific research, contact us if you would like the links to the original studies.


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